Zambian Healthy Eating PRINTED


My Zambian Healthy Eating book covers everything you need to know about a healthy diet. It is the perfect guide of what, when and how to eat. We go beyond in this edition discussing weight loss, behavioural issues such as emotional eating and management of lifestyle diseases likes diabetes. We have packed in even more practical tips and templates.

” It is the perfect guide to absorb in bite size pieces I am always referring  back to it often ” (Pamela.K. 🇿🇲)

What you’ll find inside:

  • Nutrition Basics:Macro and Micronutrients 

  • How to personalise your nutrition

  • Diet in the management of Diabetes, Blood pressure, cholesterol and gut issues. 

  • How create long lasting habits

  • The psychology of eating: emotional eating and beyond 

“Eating well doesn’t need to be restrictive and should include all your cultural and favourite foods”

Pick up Lusaka Only, Between December 3rd and 15th. Please check your email for details and share your mobile number with us via email.

” I would also like to take this opportunity to commend your book… ✨At first sight I thought it was a book published by the United Nations 🇺🇳 in order to help Zambians eat healthier and exercise more. Then at the end, I saw your name 🙀I was like “wow” ”
(Samuel Zulu 🇿🇲)