One on One Consultations

“It’s much more than a meal plan” 

If you’re looking for the complete solution to achieving your dietary goals, this is it. During our 60minute session I get to know you in detail by conducting a comprehensive nutrition assessment to identify your personal health needs, understand your diet, lifestyle, food preferences, medical history and more. I then empower you with dietary knowledge and equip you with the skills you need to achieve your goals. With take home resources, an education session and a personalised meal guide, you will be ready to start your journey towards better nutrition. 

Follow up sessions will be booked as we go and are crucial to tackling barriers that come up along the way. They allow for accountability, motivation and I will provide adjustments to your plan as we go. 


3-month Program

By Far my most popular service”

If you want the best chance for success this is the option for you. Research has shown us time and time again that having an accountability partner and ongoing support to keeps you on track to achieving your nutrition goals. My Programs include an initial consultation, three follow up consultations, resources, personalised meal plan and most importantly ongoing support between your sessions.


Workplace Wellness

As an employer your staff are your number one asset. Employee Health and Wellbeing programmes do not only boost engagement and staff happiness, but are also proven to make employees more productive. I work with a team of health practitioners to provided holistic wellbeing services including mental and physical health. We have successfully incorporated many wellness initiatives around Zambia, that have helped employees optimise their health and companies boost their productivity.

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Menu Reviews

If you are a health-conscious establishment or food developer and would like to display nutritional information on your menu’s, modify meal options to be healthier or create nutrition specific products, I would be an excellent asset to you. I can work with your current menu or product to ensure it meets specific industry food standards and provide you with a full nutritional analysis. You will be able to confidently make health claims to boost your brands image and hold significant recall with your target audience.

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Eat Smart has worked in many other areas, in particular with schools, special needs organisations and NGOs, to assist in meeting the nutrition needs of their client’s footprint within Zambia. Additionally, Eat Smart has established nutrition services in various private sectors and is covered by Insurance. Get in touch for any of your nutrition service needs.

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