Diabetic Diet Guide



THE DIABETIC DIET GUIDE: Learn how to confidently manage your blood sugar levels through your diet.

It is time to say goodbye to the confusion!

This guide lays down the foundational knowledge you need to master your blood sugar control by guiding you through what to eat and what not to successfully manage your diabetes.

Dive into easy-to-prepare meal and snack ideas for diabetics, including a blend of traditional Zambian foods and other readily available options.

You will learn how to personalise your diet to suit your unique needs, feel confident around carbohydrates, avoid restriction and learn how to self-monitor to achieve your ultimate solution.

This guide includes the following;

  • Diabetic Meal & Snack ideas to kickstart your success
  • Weekly shopping list
  • Food and blood sugar journals for easy tracking
  • Educational resources on:
    • Carbohydrates: what type, how much and how often
    • How to calculate your unique safe carbohydrate intake
    • How to treat a low sugar
    • Serving sizes guide
    • Alcohol guide
  • Bonus: Meal Planner

If you would like to get a small taste of what is inside. Download our free diabetes resource here!