The Eat Smart Recipe Collection



The wait is finally over… I have taken all my best recipes over the years and compiled a neat compact recipe collection for you and your families to enjoy!

This collection is packed with 45 healthy and nutritious recipes; it covers various recipes from varying cuisines and has been designed explicitly for healthy eating and portion control for weight loss.

All the calories & nutrients have been calculated and included for your convenience too! We have also included the recommended serving sizes as well.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect;

  • 10 Super Satisfying Breakfast Recipes
  • 25 Balanced Lunch & Dinner Recipes
  • 10 Delicious Snacks

And because I want you to be able to eat any recipe you love with confidence, I have include a bonus recipe modification guide that will show you exactly how! No more giving up your cultural and childhood meals for the sake of health.