14 Day Personalised Meal Plan



If you have your eating habits down, are motivated to do what you need, and want a personalised guide to keep you on track and get results, this is for you.

You will complete an online form that will allow me to understand your personal nutrition needs. I will then create a 14-Day meal plan for you that will enable you to plan what to eat, when, and how much to eat to achieve your personal goals.

  • The personalised meal plan will be adapted and tailored to your needs, dietary requirements or goals.
  • Any dietary needs addressed – Gluten-free, dairy-free, high protein, plant-based, vegan, pescetarian, vegetarian.
  • Tell us your favourite cultural foods to include and, more importantly, the foods you don’t enjoy.
  • For individuals who need further inspiration in the kitchen.
  • Your plan is designed to increase your fruit and vegetable intake.
  • Your plan will significantly improve your fibre intake, essential to support a healthy metabolism.
  • It will stabilise blood sugar levels to avoid morning/afternoon energy slumps.
  • This meal plan is based on the correct calories calculated for you.
  • Includes a bonus shopping list and meal planner.
  • A mini collection of recipes is provided alongside your meal plan
  • It will be sent directly to your inbox within 72 hours of your completing the form, and if you require any changes we will do that for you once within the first week of you receiving your plan